Doorologist™ FAQs

What is a Doorologist™?

A Doorologist™ services, repairs, maintains, sells & installs all types of commercial doors, locks & hardware from entry to exit and every door in between, including bathroom partitions & stalls and related hardware.

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Why choose the Doorologist™™?

We are the Doorologist™ since we work on doors and hardware every day we know how to diagnose any door or hardware problem. Doors are our specialty unlike other companies that occasionally work on doors. We know where to look, what to look for and we know the best solution to the problem.

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What is the response time for a service call?

We prioritize service calls based upon the nature of the call.

For example:

  • “We have an emergency” Please describe as clearly as you can the nature of the emergency.
  • “I would like an estimate” We will set time and date agreeable to both part.
  • “An inspector has shown up at our building” our Rapid Response Program addresses this.

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What is the best way I can help to describe or explain my problem?

We recommend you e-mail us pictures of the door(s). By looking at the pictures a Doorologist™™ technician can ask you to stand at the problem door and ask you specific questions. Your responses can help us better understand the condition especially with electric operating doors.

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Do you provide estimates for Repairs and Services?

We provide a written proposal outlining the scope of work to be performed and its costs. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss various options and costs. In addition, by utilizing our fixed cost Door Maintenance Plan you’ll save costs.

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How can the Door Maintenance Plan save us money?

Our maintenance plan often prevents a more costly repair. For example, avoiding last minute emergencies. Most hardware issues can be resolved with an adjustment before it breaks and becomes a replacement. Utilizing our Door Maintenance Plan, most adjustments and alignments are included in the cost. Saving you headaches and money 7. What services does the Door Maintenance Plan provide?

Peace of mind, each door & related hardware has its own particular needs. We check & secure the threshold, all hardware & lubricate all parts. Contact us and we will gladly meet to discuss your individual needs & concerns.

A properly operating door maintains security. Our Door Maintenance Plan provides you peace of mind. We work on doors and hardware every day. Contact us and we will gladly meet and discuss your individual needs and concerns.

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Do you offer discounts or special rates for large accounts?

Yes. Accounts with 5 or more door entrances per location, we discount our Door Maintenance Plan charges. We also provide other options & services as well.

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Does the Doorologist™ service all types of doors?

We service and maintain all types of doors from entry to fire exit and every door in-between. We also do bathroom partitions & stalls. In most cases, our service technicians have worked on the same or similar type of door in your operation – you name it and we will be there to either service or repair any concern you have.

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Can you do door replacements?

Yes, we can replace every kind of door that is manufactured or we can have a custom manufactured door provided where needed. Many times we receive a call to replace a door when it only warrants a repair.

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How does the Doorologist™ help when planning a new project of remodel?

We work with you in choosing the best product & hardware for your particular project. We help to keep your construction costs within budget. Many times an upgrade in material costs (labor cost is usually the same) will save a customer headaches, long after the project is completed.

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How can the Doorologist™ help with security?

We know how important maintaining security is. A squeak or misalignment today is a broken door tomorrow. Compromising the security of your property and its occupants. We service and install all types of Access Control, Security and Emergency hardware.

Providing a safe and secure environment is essential in our work, recreational and living space.

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How can you help us to reduce liability exposure?

We provide the date and record of the services provided. This helps to eliminate the concern of being negligence. Having an effective pro-active plan in place such as ours may help to limit your exposure to unwanted liabilities and higher insurance rates. Any attorney will tell you when it comes to litigation; negligence is the key element in determining WHO IS AT FAULT.

A Door Maintenance Plan that includes documented service calls can help reduce liability.

Examples of liability causes:

  • Door closer arm falling off and hits a pedestrian’s head.
  • Threshold is loose and pedestrian trips and falls. Threshold is not set to ADA specifications. This is especially important with the physically challenged.
  • Door handle pulled off in a pedestrian’s hand injuring their back.

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